COTAC H Series
COTAC P Series
COTAC C Series

COTAC H; Base coating, adhesion and protective agent for Yankee cylinders
The product range includes base coating agents which are chemically reactive, cross linking and base coating agents which are thermoplastic and non cross linking. The base coating types are differentiated according to their adhesive properties between cylinder and paper web and their absorptive capacity.

  • Formation of a uniform and homogeneous coating,
  • Creation of adhesion,
  • Increase of productivity and runnability ,
  • Cylinder and wear protection ,
  • Increase of softness ,
  • Constant product quality .

COTAC P; Modifier for allocating special properties to the base coating.
The following coating adjustments are possible,

  • Improved pick up of the paper web from the suction press roll
  • Improved moisture profile of the paper web
  • Homogenisation of the coating at Yankee cylinder defects
  • Increase of wet tack
  • Plastification of base coating
  • Increased thickness of the coating layer
  • Activation of hemicelluloses.

COTAC C; Conditioner for the modification of the base coating

  • Increased effectiveness of base coating due to the formation of a primary layer
  • Increased service life of blades
  • Increased Yankee grinding intervals
  • Improved heat transfer from Yankee cylinder to tissue
  • Compensation of Yankee surface defects.