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PETROFER Endüstriyel Yağlar Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been successfully developing, manufacturing and marketing high performance chemical specialty products for the machining and surface treatment of metals used in the automotive industry, as well as providing a wide range of products for other special industrial applications.


DIN ISO 9001/14001 - The Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 is a major part of all entrepreneurial processes and procedures.


The consistent quality of our products and processes, their environmental performance and their energy efficiency are of crucial importance to us. The stated aim of our Group Policy is therefore to safeguard the high quality of our products and achieve customer satisfaction, fair pricing and reliable delivery with safe products, a safe working environment, safe plant and equipment and the avoidance of disruptive incidents. We seek to do so by applying a comprehensive system of effective, process-oriented quality, environmental, energy and safety management. Corresponding programs of measures help us improve our performance in these areas. The Integrated Management System lays the foundation for total quality

management (TOM) and a zero-defect strategy which in turn helps us monitor, control and continuously improve our products and services with the aim of becoming the preferred supplier to customers with a national and global reach.


We commit ourselves and our employees to active involvement in achieving our quality, energy and environmental goals at departmental and Group level by submitting proposals for the continuous improvement of our management system. To this end, we also commit ourselves to providing all necessary information and resources.


We and all our sites around the world further commit ourselves to observing all binding obligations, including current valid statutory and public specifications as well as all other requirements and obligations which we have undertaken either contractually or in other forms.


We support economic, environmental and social sustainability and expect our suppliers to adopt the same policy. We also expect our suppliers to actively help us optimize our use of energy and the energy consumption of our products, machinery, plant and services.

The health and safety of all our people and the protection of our environment are of supreme importance to us. Compliance with all relevant national legislation and other requirements at the Petrofer sites is an essential precondition in this regard. This responsibility includes providing suitable instruction to our employees and exploring whether hazardous substances can be avoided or substituted, as well as the maintenance, servicing and regular inspection of our plant and systems. This ensures the reliable availability of process resources, a high level of occupational safety and the avoidance of disruptions.


We, our employees and the companies we commission to work for us are committed to ensuring a safe working environment at all times. Comprehensive safety and security measures are implemented to guard employees, capital goods and operations against the risk of injury, loss and/or destruction due to criminal, hostile or malicious attacks and to contain any consequences thereof for our immediate environment. All such safety and security measures are regularly reviewed and constantly updated in line with the state of the art.


Extortion, bribery, corruption and embezzlement are strictly prohibited. Discrimination against employees on the basis of age, gender, disabilities, pregnancy, race, religion, political beliefs or sexual orientation is likewise prohibited. No recourse shall be made to child labor in any area of the PETROFER. It is defined with details in Our Management Manual.


We encourage and expect a culture of open communication and respect in our dealings with each other.


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